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valobashar rong

Bhalobashar Rong Bangla Full Movie, Bhalobashar Rong Bangla Movie Download, Bhalobashar Rong Bangla Movie MP4, Bhalobashar Rong video songThe film will be shown in 50 theaters at the same time! It could happen today. Digital technology allows the color of love movie theaters at the same time it was 50.
It can be seen from a server run by a variety of different theatrical space The new issue of India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, belajiyamasaha various countries around the world running.

The E – see the movie from Bangladesh. These pictures show the karachejaja multimedia technology. Establishment sisa Monwar chief executive, said, ‘We have to start by looking at the technology, which is the picture of the auditorium, viewers will enjoy the new one.’ He said, at the cinema projection (projection) newly created cell It has been used in modern projectors barako. Approximately 45 kg of the pictures can be seen at prajektarera greatly. The pictures will be shown from the hard drive and use special software. The need for a hard disk drive video mastarim panel. Servers that movie, the video will be useful for her through this panel. The developers will not have to buy a lot of money in the negative, the viewer can see picture perfect and beautiful.

35 millimeter camera images citradharana will be converted to this technology. Maintained after the transition to the digital image format. Piracy in the picture to be released from sisa Monwar said. He said, ‘We can generate images of the digital format, which can be run theaters with hard drive manufacturers. The hard drive can not be copied from any of the special character of each prajekasanei. The movie will have a special format, which any player would. However, the format, the play – Backup Software Engineering Software engineers we do with our country’s institutions inaphoneta done.

Pictures of sisa Monwar run method, and the method is simple. The centrally from a server to run it. The 50 theaters around the country at the same time it is run. This has been added for প্রেক্ষাগৃহগুলোকে central server via the Internet. It will not be through the Internet, intranet, but we have it at a later time – how’ll. Initially, we were sent to each auditorium, which is the next time they take. We start with the beginning of the 50 theaters around the country, we also see all theaters under the facilities. We leave the theater fan power will be shut down, but the picture tells you. ‘Thus at the same time it should be able to see pictures of visitors from around the country and it already.

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