Deewana Indian Bangla movie

Deewana is a romantic movie . Jeet is a romantic hero and Srabanti is a romantic heroine in kolkata bangla movie Deewana. Jeet is very handsome, young and smart in kolkata bangla film industry. His many movie fun in India. His many successful movie in tollywood. Such as Shati, Songi, Champion, Saat pake bandha, Bhandon, Manik, Yuddho, Ghatok, Nater Guru, 100% love, Hello Memshaeb and Awara etc. Deewana Indian Bangla movie, picture, imageSrabanti is called beauty queen girl in Indian bangla film industry. She is cute and very smart heroine. Her many successfully movie tollywood. Such as Omanush, Wanted, Sedin dakha hoyacilo, Fighter, Fanda poriya boga kandhare and Idiot etc.

History :
Agnidev is a dangerous mafia in kolkata. His daughter name is Shruti. Shruti gone to phoolbari on a  vacation. Phoolbari is a small town and Abhi is popular boy in poolbari. One day Abhi see Shruti and he likes her. ones a time Abhi said Shruti, he loves her and she enjoy Abhi,s company.

One day Abhi know shruti have a difficult disease. he gone to doctor . Doctor said, Shruti can not remember her memory three years. Abhi oath thats he bring out changes Shruti,s mentality and he promise , he will never leave Shruti.

Agnidev knows about Abhi and Shruti,s relation and he deny this relationship. He called Shruti from Phoolbari to kolkata. Phoolbari people oppose this matter. But no result. Shruti gone to kolkata with her father. After Abhi gone to kolkata . Because he want come back to Phoolbari Shruti. That is the root of the movie climax.

Actor and Actress : 

  •  Jeet
  • Srabanti
  • Bharat kaul
  • And more….
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