Chander Pahar is an Dev upcoming first adventure Kolkata bangla movie. Chander Pahar movie starring by super star Dev and Hollywood actors Gerard Rudlolf, Martin Cito Otto. Chander Pahar movie produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and managed by Kamaleswar Mukherjee.Dev Movie Chander Pahar 2013

Chander Pahar is an new upcoming Kishore Sahitya or adventure Kolkata bengali film. Chander Pahar is a big budget film and will  have computer graphics movie. This movie shooting at Africa and Indian various shooting locations.

Chander Pahar is a novelist movie . It,s directed by kamaleswar mukherjee, produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and screenplay by Kamaleswar Mukherjee. Chander Pahar written by Bhibhutivusan Bandhopadhay. This movie based on Bhibhutivusan Bandhopadhay,s novel.

Chander Pahar is the first adventure movie of dev. It,s a historical movie. Dev play as Shankar character in this movie. Chander Pahar movie will sixty percent shooting Africa.

Story of Chander Pahar:
A bravy bengali boy gets a work in the Uganda Railways. This boy name is Shankar who fallows Chander Pahar in Africa. He search a diamond mine deep in a forests. The story of center first world war 1. His life was mysterious monsters and raging volcanoes. Bengali boy Shankar encounters various adventures. He tryeist with the deadly Black Mamba to his fight with lions and leopards and spending days in a cave.

Chander Pahar movie casting by Dev as Shankar and more. This movie released on year of 2013. Chander Pahar movie will shown for waiting. kamaleswar mukherjee said, I try to my best or heart and soul for making Chander Pahar movie. I and our team expected this movie will successfully.

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