Hellow guys, who funs of shakib khan good news for of all shakib khan first bangla digital bangla movie jor kore valobasha hoy na released. so guys please saw the movie and wants to your comments about this movie.

Dally wood big superstar, handsome hero and king khan Shakib Khan first bangla movie jor kore valobasha hoy na. dallywood famous director shadat hossain lito directed by digital bangla movie jor kore valobasha hoy na. jor kore valobasha hoy na movie produced by tushar kothachitra.
Digital Bangla Movie Jor Kore Valobasha Hoy na by Shakib & sahara
Director shadat hossain liton said, jor kore valobasha hoy na is romantic, commercial and funloving movie. all country this released on together 47 cineplex. director said to, it,s my first digital bangladeshi movie in my life. we are expected jor kore valobasha hoy na is a good loving movie in this time.

Shakib Khan is a big superstar name in bangladesh film industry. at present he is a most wanted hero than others hero. his ranking rate is one in bangla movie world. jor kore valobasha hoy na shakib khan,s first digital bangla movie.  thats shakib khan not doing digital bangla movie before in this movie. shakib khan are many popular movie in our bangla film industry. such as chassu, koti takar kabin, dadimaa, priya amar priya, mia barir chakor, amader soto shaeb,shopner basor, danob sontan, maa amar sorgo, khodar pore maa, jibon moroner shati, mayer hate bahester chabi, boroloker jamai, king khan, number one shakib khan and don number one etc. shakib khan have famous art film shuva. already shakib khan acheives award, prize and national award.

shakib khan said, i hope audiences accepted my first digital bangla movie jor kore valobasha hoy na lovly. this movie have a nice location, some good song and almost movie shooting outside of our country.

sahara is cute and smart heroine in this movie. she is a most demandable heroine in bangla movie. priya amar priya, don number one, my name is sultan, khodar pore maa, bolbo kotha basor gore etc are popular sahara,s bangla movie. and many upcoming movie waiting for released.

Misha showdagor is a good khalnayak in dallywood bangla movie. he is a powerful don actor in bangladeshi movie. his movie estimated upto 100. he is unopposite actor in bangladesh film industry.

Shakib Khan
shahid khan
misha showdagor
shadek bassu
afzal sharif

Jor Kore Valobasha Hoy na

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